Circuit Q&A – What Are Your Favorite Michael Mann Films?


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Yesterday was Michael Mann‘s birthday. The filmmaker is 76 years old and still going strong. Though he hasn’t put out a new effort since 2015’s “Blackhat,” he’s currently gearing up to shoot a mobster biopic. In honor of the man, as well as to give him a belated birthday present, we’re going to pay tribute to him. To that end, we’d like your help. Which of Mann’s works are your favorites?

For many, top marks go to Mann’s most embraced film by the Academy, which is “The Insider.” The only movie he actually directed that Oscar cited him for, it’s rightly considered a classic. Mann received Academy Award nominations for co-writing, directing, and co-producing the fact-based drama. His other nomination, in case you were wondering, was for co-producing “The Aviator.” Riveting and highly re-watchable, this should be a popular choice. Plus, it has only gotten more and more timely as the years pass on. As a tribute to good journalism, it’s actually rather underrated.

Among his other works, certainly “Collateral” is going to be cited by a number of you dear readers. Making Tom Cruise an incredibly cool villain will get any filmmaker major points. That being said, the one we’d expect to be trumpeted the most is, of course, “Heat.” A crime classic, Mann was able to bring together Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, along with a top-notch supporting cast, for a cops and robbers drama that has easily stood the test of time. Plus, despite the likely popularity of this pick, you have other options. Don’t sleep on “Ali” or “Manhunter” either, among Mann’s other efforts behind the camera.

With his birthday having been yesterday, we have a simple question for you all. What is your favorite movie that the now 76-year-old Michael Mann has made? Let us know!

What Are Your Favorite Michael Mann Films?

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