Circuit Q&A – What Are Your Cinematic Blind Spots?

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We’re all cinephiles here, to one degree or another. Even so, everyone has blind spots. That’s going to be our focus today. We want you to throw caution to the wind, risk a bit of public shaming, and let us know about the films you’ve never seen. We’re just joking about the public shaming too. You’re in a safe space.

Nobody has seen all of the classics. Whether it’s a silent film from the resumes of Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton, an early Best Picture winner, or anything else, there’s no shame in this. Going through the history of the Academy Awards, it’s nearly impossible to hit them all. So, even on an Oscar-centric site like this, we’ve all got a few blind spots within those ranks. That’s all but inevitable.

Regardless of how much you may love an actor or an actress, there usually still stands a good chance that you haven’t seen their complete filmography. How many of you have seen Ryan Gosling in “All Good Things?” A star’s early work is often a spot where blind spots are evident. Then, there are recent releases that you just never got around to. Maybe you ignored the hype and skipped “Bird Box?” There are only so many hours in the day. Especially with an indie fare, you just can’t get to everything, leading to blind spots here and there.

Don’t be ashamed. Each and every single person on the site is missing essential cinema. Here we go. What films have you embarrassingly never seen? We won’t judge you, so let us know!

What Are Your Movie Blind Spots?

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