Genre Geeks: Top 10 Genre Films of 2018


Admittedly, 2018 was not a strong year for cinema. This reality is even more discouraging when movies rising above their genre constraints weren’t singled out for accolade love. Below is an assembly of ten genre films that collectively illustrate more human complexity and artistic grace than this season’s official “Best Picture” lineup. With the exception of one breakthrough into the big leagues, this list underscores the notion that hidden gems exist every year so long as audiences free their minds of conventional imprisonment. Let the celebration of creative freedom begin!

10Annihilation (Paramount Pictures)

9Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (Universal Pictures)

8Solo: A Star Wars Story (Walt Disney Studios)

7Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Sony Pictures Releasing)

6Ralph Breaks the Internet (Walt Disney Studios)

5Hereditary (A24 Films)

4A Quiet Place (Paramount Pictures)

3Black Panther (Walt Disney Studios)

2Widows (20th Century Fox)

1Avengers: Infinity War (Walt Disney Studios)