Circuit Q&A – What Is Your Favorite Precursor Awards (Before the Oscars)?

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Once the fall rolls around, barely a day goes by at The Awards Circuit where you don’t hear or see precursors mentioned. Whether it results during the actual precursor season, during a Circuit Breaker podcast episode, or in an article, we discuss it regularly. By now, it’s old hat. What we want to know today, however, is in regard to your thoughts about the whole thing. Namely, when you’re doing your own Best Picture predictions, which is the precursor that you hold in the highest regard?

For many of you, it’s one of the three big Guild precursor results. The Directors Guild, the Producers Guild, and the Screen Actors Guild give large hints as to what film will take the Best Picture prize at the Oscars. Some years, they largely line up. Others, like this year, for example, they split and you have to decide which one has the weightiest impact on voters. Right this minute, we’re looking at how the Guilts split between “Black Panther,” “Green Book,” and “Roma.” Members of the Academy have their preferences, so we’re sure you do as well.

At the same time, perhaps you think the Academy Awards are determined by a different precursor? You might feel that BAFTA or the Broadcast Film Critics Association holds more sway overall. Maybe, just maybe, you even think that the Golden Globes hold the key? They don’t tell as clear a story, but they’re definitely a piece of the puzzle. Hell, you might just look at the total field of Critics Group prizes and make your picks that way.

Here’s our query to you. When making predictions, which precursor do you give the most weight to? Let us know!

What Is Your Preferred Precursor?

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