Circuit Q&A – What Are Darren Aronofsky’s Best Movies?

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Another A-lister turns 50! Yes, today we wish a very Happy Birthday to filmmaker Darren Aronofsky. There really isn’t anyone else in Hollywood like him. Aronofsky has a unique vision for what makes compelling cinema. Not everyone goes for his views, but you can easily make the case that he’s among the best directors in the industry. To celebrate his big day, let’s take a look at his career. What’s your favorite Aronofsky effort to date?

Aronofsky scored a long-overdue Academy Award nomination for directing “Black Swan,” which would win Natalie Portman an Oscar for Best Actress and become a Best Picture nominee. That’s his biggest success, though “Requiem for a Dream” is what established him as a filmmaker to watch. Then, there’s “The Wrestler,” which literally resurrected Mickey Rourke, scoring him a Best Actor nomination in the process. Those three films are as good a trifecta as anyone else in the business can boast.

If you’re bigger on his less universally embraced fare, you might lean more towards efforts like “The Fountain,” “mother!,” “Noah,” or “Pi.” These are incredibly different works that on their own represent a visionary. Pair them with his more acclaimed titles above and he truly has a one of a kind resume. Aronofsky will be one of the most interesting creative forces in the industry as the year’s progress. He still has a lot more to say, that’s for sure.

We turn things over to you now, on this birthday for Darren Aronofsky. Which of the filmmaker’s works is his crowning achievement? Let us know!

What Are Your Favorite Darren Aronofsky Films?

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