What’s On TV? – Sunday (2/17/19) – 2019 NBA All-Stars, Elvis Presley, & ‘Force Awakens’

Tonight’s a busy one for culture warriors, with a variety of entertainment choices to consume. The NBA All-Star Game gives sports fans a chance to say goodbye to two legends. The “Elvis All-Star Tribute” brings together musical stars to restage the Elvis Presley 1968 NBC concert that relaunched his career. Some recent classics, including “The Force Awakens,” “Straight Outta Compton,” and “Dunkirk” will also be on TV tonight. Add in “True Detective,” “Counterpart,” and “SMILF” and you’ve got a jam-packed night.

Pick of the Night

“NBA All-Star Game” on TBS & TNT at 8:20 PM

If there’s a game to tune into before the playoffs start in a couple months, it has to be the NBA All-Star game. This year, Team LeBron and Team Giannis face off in Charlotte. Hometown star Kemba Walker will look to put up big points and capture an All-Star MVP trophy. This year will also be especially notable as it will be an excellent sendoff for both Dwayne Wade and Dirk Nowitzki. Wade might be second or third best shooting guard of all time, and Nowitzki has a legitimate claim as the best international player ever. Both left a massive mark on the game, and with neither of their teams doing particularly well, this could be a chance for the sport to say their goodbyes. It could get misty in Charlotte.

What’s Premiering? 

“Elvis All-Star Tribute” on NBC at 9 PM

One of the more interesting ventures on television tonight, the “Elvis All-Star Tribute” should be interesting to music fans. A group of today’s biggest stars, including Blake SheltonCarrie UnderwoodSean Mendes, and Keith Urban will recreate the 1968 comeback special that launched a new phase of Elvis Presley’s career. The lineup of musicians contributing skews towards country music, but Elvis’ influence on a generation of rock musicians is undeniable. As a pop culture figure, the music star remains unassailable. The special will air at 9 PM on NBC.

Movies on TV

For the first time, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” will air on network television. The seventh film of the Skywalker saga begins at 8 PM on ABC and should draw a good number of viewers. The movie reinvigorated the “Star Wars” brand and introduced us to a new generation of movie stars. Daisy Ridley and John Boyega became instant superstars, while Adam Driver became a household name. The trio led the franchise into new ground, and with Oscar IsaacCarrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford, they created an emotional core for a new generation of fans. The highest grossing domestic film of all time, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” has already become a classic of science fiction.

On MovieMax (a Cinemax network) at 8:50 PM, “Dunkirk” will roar to life. Christopher Nolan finally earned his first Oscar nomination for Best Director last year, and it was well deserved. “Dunkirk” easily ranks as one of the best war films of the past twenty years, and could take the belt. Nolan was able to craft a beautiful film that pushes the limits of cinematography, sound design, and editing techniques. He was the only filmmaker who could get this film made the way it is, and “Dunkirk” will only grow in popularity as the years go on.

Finally, FXX will show “Straight Outta Compton” at 7 PM and at 10 PM. The musical biopic of the influential rap group follows the group from its inception through the death of Easy-E. The film picked up a nomination for Best Original Screenplay, but more attention was warranted for its performers. In particular, Jason Mitchell and Corey Hawkins both could have earned Best Supporting Actor nominations. O’Shea Jackson Jr. has also emerged as an excellent performer as well. The group of actors captures the energy and charisma of the group, and created one of the hidden gems of 2016.

New Episodes

There are plenty of other shows airing new episodes tonight. Use this as a helpful guide when channel surfing tonight. Make sure you don’t miss the latest episodes of your favorite shows. Once again, times may vary by local area. Please check your local guide for the most accurate times.

  • God Friended Me(CBS) at 8 PM
  • NCIS: Los Angeles(CBS) at 9 PM
  • “Madam Secretary” (CBS) at 10 PM
  • Elvis All-Star Tribute” (NBC) at 9 PM
  • “The Simpsons” (Fox) at 8 PM
  • “Bob’s Burgers” (Fox) at 8:30 PM
  • “Family Guy” (Fox) at 9 PM
  • Supergirl” (CW) at 8 PM
  • Charmed” (CW) at 9 PM
  • The Walking Dead” (AMC) at 9 PM
  • Talking Dead” (AMC) at 10 PM
  • The Zoo: Bronx Tales” (Animal Planet) at 8 PM
  • “The Zoo” (Animal Planet) at 9 PM
  • “Lone Star Law” (Animal Planet) at 10 PM
  • “Real Housewives of Atlanta” (Bravo) at 8 PM
  • “Don’t Be Tardy” (Bravo) at 9 PM & 9:30 PM
  • “Watch What Happens Live” (Bravo) at 10 PM
  • Star Wars Resistance” (Disney) at 10 PM
  • “Marvel’s Avengers: Black Panther’s Quest” (Disney XD) at 9 PM and 9:30 PM
  • “Body Cam: Close Encounters” (Discovery) at 8 PM, 9 PM, & 10 PM
  • Building Alaska” (DIY) at 9 PM
  • Total Bellas” (E!) at 9 PM
  • Nightly Pop” (E!) at 10 PM
  • Worst Cooks in America” (Food) at 9 PM
  • True Detective” (HBO) at 9 PM
  • Crashing” (HBO) at 10 PM
  • High Maintenance” (HBO) at 10:30 PM
  • “Beachfront Bargain Hunt” (HGTV) at 8 PM and 8:30 PM
  • “Carribean Life” (HGTV) at 9 PM and 9:30 PM
  • “Island Life” (HGTV) at 10 PM and 10:30 PM
  • “Presidents at War” (History) at 8 PM
  • The Secret History of the White House” (History) at 10 PM
  • Ridiculousness” (MTV) at 8 PM & 8:30 PM
  • “Deadly Cults” (Oxygen) at 8 PM
  • “Finding Atlantis (Science) at 8 PM and 9 PM
  • “America’s Lost Vikings” (Science) at 10 PM
  • “The Circus: Inside the Wildest Political Show on Earth” (Showtime) at 8 PM of (Showtime 2) at 8:30
  • “Shameless” (Showtime) at 9 PM
  • Black Monday” (Showtime) at 10 PM
  • SMILF” (Showtime) at 10:30 PM
  • “Air Disasters” (Smithsonian) at 8 PM
  • Disasters at Sea” (Smithsonian) at 9 PM
  • “Counterpart” (STARZ) at 8 PM
  • “Sister Wives” (TLC) at 8 PM
  • “Seeking Sister Wife” (TLC) at 10 PM
  • “Expedition Unknown” (Travel) at 9 PM

What are you watching tonight? Share with us in the comments below!