Circuit Q&A – With Oscar Voting Closing, What Surprises Are You Anticipating?


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Today, voting ends for the Academy Awards. Oscar voters who haven’t already made their final selections are literally doing so now. As that happens, we want to consider the possibilities surround these last minute choices. Moreover, we’re curious to know what you’d like to think voters are contemplating. What’s going through their heads while they finalize their vote? We’re all ears.

In a year where so little has gone according to plan, there’s no reason to expect the end result to be without any surprises. Voting some years seems incredibly boring. Not this time though, as the membership is up in arms over changes made to the Oscar telecast. Could any of that manifest itself into protest voting of some sort, especially in the categories banished to the commercial breaks? It’s something keep in the back of your mind, at least.

Anything is possible here. Are voters sticking to their original favorites? Are they voting for something new at the last minute? With voting moving over the years from paper ballots to online voting, it’s easier than ever to change your mind at the last moment. Could that support something seemingly less likely to win Best Picture, such as “Black Panther” or “A Star Is Born?” Has the surge for finally honoring Spike Lee made a difference? We’ll know soon enough, that’s for sure.

Here we go. As Oscar voting closes, who and what do you think Academy members are backing? Let us know!

What Do You Think Academy Members Are Doing As Voting Closes?

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