Colin Farrell Will Star in BBC Series ‘The North Water’

colin farrell

Colin Farrell is about to get really cold. According to Deadline, the Irish actor will star in “The North Water,” a BBC series set in the Arctic. In addition, Andrew Haigh, the director behind “45 Years” and “Weekend,” is on board to write and direct. Also, See-Saw Films, the same production company behind “Widows” and “Top of the Lake,” is financing the project.

In “The North Water,” Farrell will play Henry Drax, a brutal harpooner whose amorality fits the harshness of the world. Looking to find personal redemption, Drax decides to set sail and go on a whaling expedition to the Arctic. Accompanying him is Patrick Sumner, an ex-army surgeon who serves as the ship’s doctor. However, Sumner tries to wrestle with his own demons in the process.

Apparently, a search for an actor to play Sumner is still taking place. Also, sources close to Deadline say that the BBC is looking for an A-lister to play the role. But the involvement of Colin Farrell should already create enough intrigue. It’s his return to television after season two of “True Detective” which premiered four years ago. In addition, he’s one the most consistent actors working today.

Last year, Farrell appeared in “Widows” where he had a small supporting role. Next, he has the live-action adaptation of “Dumbo” and the action film “Eve” on the horizon. Also, he recently starred in Guy Ritchie’s upcoming crime film “Toff Guys” which finished filming.

Filming on “The North Water” is set to begin later in the fall. However, with the casting of Sumner still underway, more casting announcements should be announced soon.

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