Circuit Q&A – What Books Do You Want To See Adapted Into A Movie?

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For many of us, when you read a good book, it’s hard not to imagine the film adaptation. Movies and novels are different mediums, to be sure, but there are some authors who just have an innate ability to see their work properly adapted. Plenty see their visions butchered too, to be fair. Today, we want to know which authors and books you think are deserving of the cinematic treatment.

These days, any popular book is almost immediately optioned for film. Authors even see their novels develop into movies before the hardcovers even hit shelves. More often than not, the end result is flawed, at best. However, sometimes there’s “The Martian,” which Andy Weir wrote. A great book, it became a great movie as well, and an Academy Award nominee, to boot.

On the flip side, we’re seeing classic novels and iconic authors still looked at for cinematic inspiration. 2018 saw Barry Jenkins take the classic James Baldwin work “If Beale Street Could Talk” and successfully adapt it. At the most recent Sundance Film Festival, a new interpretation of the Richard Wright novel “Native Son” was among the titles playing in Park City. When thinking of who should see their work up on the screen, it doesn’t just have to be modern authors. The classics still hold up.

The pen is now in your hand, so to speak. Which novelists have works primed to be made into movies? Let us know!

Which Authors Or Novels Would You Like To See Get The Cinematic Treatment?

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