Circuit Q&A – What Director(s) Do You Miss The Most?

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Today would have been Jonathan Demme‘s birthday. The late director graced us with a number of great films, winning an Academy Award in the process. Of course, we’d love to see more from him, which is only fair. Great storytellers should always get another story to tell. When they stop doing so, it’s a noticeable loss. It’s the inspiration for this post, too. Who are some directors that you’d like to see get one more crack at making a movie?

The list of directors who have passed away is nearly endless. On that list, so many of them still had gems to offer. Some even died while working on projects. Imagine if the same treatment given to Orson Welles with “The Other Side of the Wind” could be given to someone else? How lucky would we be? Just think of what Demme could have given us with some more time.

This sort of thing could also apply to directors who just never seem to get anything off the ground anymore. Names like Roger Avary, Todd Field, and even George Lucas would qualify. Sure, some of them may be getting behind the camera before long, but how confident of that can you be? Especially with Lucas, one more effort might be especially heartwarming, if it turned out to be a return to form.

We put it to you now. On what would have been Jonathan Demme’s birthday, who do you wish had another film to share with the world? Let us know!

Which Directors Would You Like To See Get To Make One More Film?

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