Yorgos Lanthimos’ Next Project is a Crime Drama


Coming off of the critical and commercial success of “The Favourite,” Yorgos Lanthimos can pretty much write his own check. The biggest hit of his career so far, the filmmaker certainly has options. In an interesting twist, Lanthimos has opted to make a book adaptation as his next project. Furthermore, it’s going to be a crime drama.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lanthimos is making the Jim Thompson novel “Pop. 1280” his next film. He will write and direct the adaptation, which will mark his first foray into this sort of thing. No word yet on who will distribute. Already an Academy Award nominee in Best Original Screenplay for “The Lobster,” Lanthimos now sets his sights on the Best Adapted Screenplay world.

Amazon lists this as the plot summary:

As high sheriff of Potts County, Nick Corey spends most of his time eating, sleeping and avoiding trouble. If only people–especially some troublesome pimps, his foul-tempered wife, and his half-witted brother-in-law–would stop pushing him around. Because when Nick is pushed, he begins to kill . . . or to make others do his killing for him!

This is certainly not what anyone would expect next from Lanthimos. Then again, nothing he’s done so far has matched up with expectations. Works like “Alps,” “Dogtooth,” and “The Killing of a Sacred Deer” were divisive and niche, though critically respected. “The Favourite” and “The Lobster” brought him closer to the mainstream, as well as Oscar acclaim. So, this will undoubtedly be looked at as a potential awards player when “Pop. 1280” comes out. Stay tuned for more on this one when we have it.

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