Circuit Q&A – What Was Your Favorite Win from the Oscars?

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With the dust still settling from the 91st Academy Awards, emotions are very much running high. Fans of the films and performances that won Oscars are overjoyed, while backers of those who didn’t win are licking their wounds. We should focus on the positive today. To that end, we want to see which Oscar win on Sunday night was your favorite. Was there a win that really made you happy?

It’s hard not to be thrilled with Lady Gaga winning an Oscar for Best Original Song. Her speech was beautiful, coming on the heels of her tremendous performance with Bradley Cooper moments before. She was never going to win Best Actress, but this gives her an Academy Award for her work in “A Star Is Born.” It’s often nice to see a non-actor win at the Oscars, so Gaga taking this was a nicely satisfying win. There’s also Olivia Colman pulling a shocking upset in Best Actress for “The Favourite.” We needed an acting surprise and this was one of the most enjoyable ones in some time.

Another win that you have to be delighted by is Spike Lee and his co-writers taking Best Adapted Screenplay for “BlacKkKlansman.” Lee’s utter excitement was emotional in the best way. The filmmaker now has a competitive Oscar on his mantle, which is good for the film world on the whole.

It’s time to let your voice be heard. What was your favorite Oscar win on Sunday? We’re all ears!

What Was Your Favorite Win At The 91st Academy Awards?

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