Luca Guadagnino’s Next Project is an HBO Limited Series

Fans of “Call Me By Your Name” are eagerly anticipating when filmmaker Luca Guadagnino goes to work on a sequel. He’s promised them that the movie is just the start of a long series, though since that work, he’s been busy. First, he made 2018’s “Suspiria,” and now has found another project to work on. It won’t be that sequel, and it won’t even be a theatrical release. This time around, Guadagnino is going to HBO.

The Playlist is reporting that Guadagnino is co-writing and directing an eight episode miniseries for HBO called “We Are What We Are.” The other writers are Paolo Giordano and Francesca Manieri, with each episode set to be an hour long. It’s a romantic drama set over a summer of discovery for two protagonists. It may not be a “Call Me By Your Name Sequel,” but it definitely should please those who fell for that story.

Here are a few details from the story about the plot:

“We Are Who We Are” follows the young Fraser, a teenager from New York who finds himself on a military base in Italy. While there, he interacts with the other kids on the base, including Caitlin, with whom he begins a romantic relationship with. However, things get more complicated as his sexual identity isn’t as clear cut as he might think, as he also develops feelings for an older soldier named Jason.

Guadagnino will be in his comfort zone, material-wise, and have creative freedom with HBO, so it seems like an excellent match. Look for more on “We Are Who We Are” when it becomes available to us.

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