‘A Star Is Born’ Will Be Re-Released With Additional Footage

A commercial and critical smash, “A Star Is Born” exceeded all expectations for Warner Bros. and the cinematic world on the whole. Bradley Cooper‘s filmmaking debut showcased his talents in a new light, while somehow also making Lady Gaga an even bigger icon. Nominated for eight Academy Awards, it took home the Oscar for Best Original Song. Now available on Blu-Ray and DVD, it was thought that its run was complete. Well, that’s not the case. The film is coming back to theaters for one more celebration.

According to Variety, WB is bringing “A Star Is Born” back for a single week, adding a dozen minutes of new footage. It’ll screen on 1,150 screens across North America, with a focus on extended musical performances and sequences. The run will begin on Friday.

This is some of what you can expect from the additional footage, according to the story:

The “special encore engagement,” which will begin Friday, will include never-before-seen footage and extended performances of the opener “Black Eyes”; “Alibi”; and Lady Gaga’s Ally in her impromptu a cappella performance of “Shallow.”

The additional footage will also include footage of Ally singing “Is That Alright?” to Jackson Maine in the wedding sequence; Jack in his studio singing “Too Far Gone”; and Jack and Ally writing a new song together, entitled “Clover.”

“A Star Is Born” could be following in the footsteps of other musical films and trying to create a return theatrical experience where you sing along. This isn’t designed to do that, but would it shock you to see that next? Less critically acclaimed works like “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “The Greatest Showman” have gone that route already, so it wouldn’t be surprising for more prestigious fare to do that as well. For now, this

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