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Circuit Q&A – What Are Your Favorite Ron Howard Films?

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Yesterday was Ron Howard‘s birthday. The Academy Award winning director is now 65 years old. Most recently, he came aboard to direct “Solo: A Star Wars Story” at the last minute. Prior to that, he’s seen Oscar shine on him for directing and producing “A Beautiful Mind,” while also being nominated in those same fields for “Frost/Nixon.” To help celebrate Howard’s birthday, we want to know what among his filmography ranks as your favorites. When it comes to Howard, how do you fall?

For some, his early comedies are still the high point of his directing career. Howard crafted fun works like “Night Shift” and “Splash” to make a name for himself behind the camera. Then, he pivoted towards more serious fare like “Backdraft,” “Cocoon,” “Parenthood,” and “Willow.” If nothing else, we saw evidence early on that Howard could adapt himself to whatever sort of material he was filming.

If the above works don’t do it for you, it’s probable that “Apollo 13” is his high water mark to you. Arguably his most satisfying prestige fare, it’s also the big Oscar snub on Howard’s ledger. There’s been other highly respected works like “Cinderella Man” as well, but “Apollo 13” is largely looked at as among his finest hours. It stands tall with the aforementioned “A Beautiful Mind” and “Frost/Nixon,” that’s for sure.

Time to chime in about the former star of “Happy Days” turned A-list director. For Ron Howard’s belated birthday present, let us know what your favorite films of his are. We’re all ears!

What Are Your Favorite Ron Howard Works To Date?

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