Elisabeth Moss in Talks to Join ‘The Invisible Man’

Universal Studios is moving forward with their reboot of “The Invisible Man.” However, they still haven’t cast an actor as the title character. But it has been revealed that Elisabeth Moss is in talks to join the project. Although, according to Variety, negotiations are still in early stages.

Also, plot details on the remake are currently unknown. But it’ll be another attempt by Universal to remake their classic monsters for a modern era. Originally, they attempted to have an interwoven Dark Universe. However, after the remake of “The Mummy” became a misfire, those plans fell through. In addition, Johnny Depp is no longer playing the title character.

The original version of “The Invisible Man” was released in 1933. The classic story involves a scientist named Jack Griffin (Claude Rains) who conducts an experiment that makes him invisible. However, the experiment causes him to go insane. Griffin then goes on a psychotic rampage in order to restore his appearance. He’ll even kill in order to go back to the way he was.


If Moss officially signs on, this would mark an immediate return to the horror genre. She’ll appear in “Us,” Jordan Peele’s follow-up to “Get Out,” which comes later this month. Also, she can be seen in the indie “Her Smell” where she plays a fading rockstar. Meanwhile, she’ll appear in the crime drama “The Kitchen” which comes this summer. Plus, season three of “The Handmaid’s Tale” will premiere in June.

Leigh Whannell will write and direct the upcoming “Invisible Man” remake. Along with Blumhouse Productions, he will co-produce as well. His previous films with Blumhouse include the “Insidious” films and the sci-fi action flick “Upgrade.”

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