Circuit Q&A – Who is Your Favorite James Bond Actor and Film?

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Yesterday, Daniel Craig turned 51 years old. To commemorate this birthday for our current James Bond, why not pit him against past Bond actors? Yes, today we’re asking you who your favorite 007 is. Do you veer classic or modern with your pick? Does it depend more on the movies than the actor? Don’t let Craig’s birthday persuade you though, we want your honest opinion here!

Craig certainly makes an excellent case for himself. His debut in “Casino Royale” is an all-timer for the franchise. “Skyfall” also stands tall among the franchise’s best efforts. “Quantum of Solace” and “Spectre” are more mixed bags, but Craig wasn’t the issue there. He’s getting set to hang up the Walther PPK after this upcoming outing, so perhaps now is the right time to really appreciate him? Enjoy Craig while you have him as Bond.

If not Craig, you certainly have options. Sean Connery has long held the mantle of top Bond for most, at least before Craig came along. If nothing else, he set the stage for what being “Bond” would mean for all other actors to come. However, Roger Moore has seen his run as 007 undergo a positive re-evaluation since his passing. Of course, nothing is stopping you from picking Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton, or George Lazenby either. The choice is yours and yours alone here.

To celebrate Daniel Craig’s ever so slightly belated birthday, is he your favorite 007? If not Craig, who is it? Let us know!

Who Is Your All-Time Favorite James Bond Actor?

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