Steven Spielberg to Propose Oscar Ban on Netflix Films

Roma” may have lost Best Picture at the Academy Awards on Sunday night. However, Steven Spielberg is working to ensure that films by its handler never claim the top prize. In an upcoming Academy Board of Governors meeting, Spielberg will propose a plan to block Netflix films from Oscar consideration.

According to IndieWire, Spielberg argues that Netflix films should qualify for the Emmys and not the Oscars. Because their films have a short theatrical window, Spielberg feels they shouldn’t be eligible.

A spokesperson from Amblin, Spielberg’s production company, said this in a statement to IndieWire:

“Steven feels strongly about the difference between the streaming and theatrical situation. He’ll be happy if the others will join [his campaign] when that comes up [at the Academy Board of Governors meeting]. He will see what happens.”

The Oscar-winning director may have been vocal on this matter before. However, his plan to prevent Netflix from awards consideration has received some criticism. Particularly, by people within the industry. For instance, Ava DuVernay, who received an Oscar nomination for the Netflix documentary “13th,” expressed her concerns on Twitter.

DuVernay said:

“Dear Academy, this is a Board of Governors meeting. And regular branch members can’t be there. But I hope if this is true, that you’ll have filmmakers in the room or read statements from directors like me who feel differently.”

Since Netflix has already cracked the Oscar code, this may or may not put AMPAS in a rough spot. They managed to win three Oscars for “Roma” while “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” scored three nominations. Also, “Icarus” won Best Documentary Feature in 2017.

However, Netflix’s work isn’t done quite yet. For instance, not only is “The Irishman” from Martin Scorsese finally coming this fall but it’s apparently getting a wide release. So, Netflix may be ahead of the curve when it comes to this debacle.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with this proposed ban? Please share your thoughts in the comments section!