Circuit Q&A – Who Do You Want To Be the Next Academy President?

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To be kind, John Bailey‘s two terms as Academy President have not gone smoothly. In fact, you wouldn’t be too far off the mark to call him one of the worst Presidents in the Academy’s history. Boondoggle after boondoggle has turned Bailey from an initially safe, if uninspired, choice to someone whose name is now mud. With the man not eligible to run again for the office, we wanted to see who you think should be the next Academy President. Do you have a name in mind? Now’s the time to share.

Could Bailey’s replacement be the candidate who nearly ended up with the job initially? Laura Dern was the hotly tipped choice before she opted out, clearing the way for Bailey. Perhaps she feels like she needs to step this time around? Her moment at the 91st Oscar telecast, announcing the Academy Museum, felt like a President addressing the audience. If it was a test run, she absolutely nailed it.

Another high profile option could be Tom Hanks. The most liked man in Hollywood would bring a far more positive and less controversial image to the Academy. It doesn’t have to be a big name, however. There are plenty of worthy folks both above and below the line who aren’t A-listers. Presumably, whomever gets the gig will want to course correct from what Bailey has instituted, or tried to institute.

In our world, you have the final say/vote. Who should head the Academy next? Let us know!

Who Would Be Your Choice For The Next Academy President?

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