Disney+ Will Include Entire Disney Vault

Months after announcing Disney+, the company reveals that they are putting the entire Disney library on their new streaming service. In other words, film from the “Disney Vault” will finally come out and see a new light.

Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, told investors that it would “put its entire motion picture library on the service, including movies that have traditionally been kept in its archives.”

In other words, this means all of Disney’s vast and extensive library will finally be available to families. Whether it’s “Ralph Breaks the Internet” or “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves,” it will all be there.

Consequently, this could serve a huge blow to Netflix, as much of their content is already available on their platform. Will families still want to subscribe if all of Disney’s content goes away? It’s tough to say right now, but Netflix will certainly have to prepare for that possibility.

Disney has still not announced a release date for Disney+, aside from “later in 2019.” The service isn’t expected to come with an expensive price tag. Iger previously announced that it would cost less than Netflix, however that could easily increase once all the deals are set in motion.

In addition to all the Disney titles, the service will include movies from Pixar, Lucasfilm, and Marvel. Furthermore, it will include “The Mandalorian,” a show set in the “Star Wars” universe as well as movies including a live-action remake of “Lady and the Tramp.”

Disney is coming out guns blazing for this streaming service. It will be exciting to see how they pull it off. This will certainly have an appeal to families and maybe even film historians should Disney include all their animated shorts from the 1940s.

Disney+ will release in late 2019.

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