“The Professor and the Madman” finally escapes from production hell with a brand new trailer. The film has come a long way since it was announced that Oscar winners Mel Gibson and Sean Penn would star in this biopic.

The topic of the film is rather interesting, as it focuses on the creation of the Oxford English Dictionary. No doubt that’ll make English teachers in every high school just a bit excited. However, the film comes with a high warning tag.

It’s important to note that the film has more than its fair share of production woes. First of all, it has been sitting on the shelf for quite a while. Gibson and his company fought a legal battle with Voltage Pictures. Secondly, Gibson claims that Voltage refused him the privilege of final cut. Last June, the judge ruled in favor of Voltage Pictures. In other words, this cut of the film is not approved by Gibson, or the film’s director, Farhad Safina.

Fun fact: Safina is now credited as “P.B. Shemran.”

It’s a shame the film comes with a lot of baggage because it actually looks competent. The production values look stellar. The story sounds engaging and interesting. Gibson and Penn, all controversies aside, are stellar actors. Who knows? Maybe this film is salvageable. However, a director taking his name off the project is never a sign of hope.

The supporting cast includes many recognizable faces such as Natalie DormerJennifer EheleJeremy Irvine, Eddie MarsanIoan Gruffudd, and Steve Coogan.

Transmission Films has not set a release date yet.

What do you think of the trailer? Does it look like a mess or something worth seeing? Tell us all of your thoughts in the comments below!