What’s on TV? – Sunday (3/24/19) – March Madness, Gambling, and Lots of ‘Action’

Action Showtime

There’s more NCAA basketball tonight as the second round of March Madness finishes up. Showtime will also air the first part of their documentary “Action,” which follows the world of sports gambling. The last leg of “Into the Badlands” begins tonight as it concludes its third and final season. “True Lies,” “Rocky IV,” and “American Gangster” also bring some action-oriented films to television as well.

Pick of the Day

March Madness Round 2 Continues starting at Noon (TBS, TNT, & Tru TV)

Closing up the second round of March Madness, some of the best teams in the country will be taking center stage. Duke take on fledgling program UCF after its first ever tournament win. A matchup between consensus number one pick Zion Williamson and UCF’s massive big man Tacko Fall (he’s 7’6″) should be an interesting matchup. However, Duke’s got other great prospects, including RJ Barrett and Cameron Reddish that could make this a one-sided game fast. Duke/UCF starts at 5:15 PM. Virginia/OklahomaNorth Carolina/Washington, and Oregon/UC Irvine make for some fun matchups to look out for. If you’re interested in movie-related brackets, check out the latest round of Circuit Madness here!

What’s Premiering? 

“Action” on Showtime at 8 PM

In 2018, the Supreme Court ruled that gambling on sporting events will now be legal. Immediately this created ripples through the gambling world, and documentarian Luke Korem jumped into the arena. “Action” follows bookies, professional gamblers, and oddsmakers over the course of the 2018 NFL season. Korem delivers the first look at the new gambling world in Showtime’s four-part documentary series.

What’s Returning

Into the Badlands” on AMC at 10:25 PM

AMC made some big genre bets after “Breaking Bad” ended. Some paid off but others have underwhelmed. For fans of “Into the Badlands,” the post-apocalyptic story has been a welcome action series. Combining martial arts, westerns, and other action setpieces made it a fairly unique program. However, audiences never showed up. With ratings dipping below a million viewers per episode, AMC canceled “Into the Badlands.” They did what was right, and will let the series close out its story with eight episodes. The last stretch starts tonight, and if you’re interested, you can watch the first two and half season on Netflix right now.

Movies on TV

“True Lies” on Cinemax at 8 PM

At the time it was made, James Cameron‘s “True Lies” was the most expensive movie ever made. For a spy-comedy starring Arnold SchwartzeneggerJaime Lee Curtis, and Tom Arnold, it was certainly surprising. Yet it made back its money (and more), earning $378 million and finishing 3rd in the domestic box office. ACCA remedied Curtis’ miss at Oscar and tacked on Visual Effects and Stunt Ensemble nominations as well.

“American Gangster” on A&E at 8 PM

An underrated character from Denzel Washington, the actor helped bring the story of Frank Lucas to the big screen. Ridley Scott directs Washington, Russell Crowe, and Ruby Dee, who earned an Oscar (and ACCA) nomination and SAG win for her performance. Despite a SAG ensemble nomination, BAFTA Best Film, and Golden Globe Best Drama nomination, the Academy did not go for it in the extremely competitive 2007 field.

“Rocky IV” on BBC America at 10:15 PM

Crushed by the Razzies at the time, “Rocky IV” has emerged as one of the most rewatchable films of the 1980’s since its release. Sylvester Stallone wrote, directed, and starred in Rocky Balboa’s return to the ring. After Drago (Dolph Lundgren) kills Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) in the ring, Rocky runs into his toughest fight for his friend and country. The events of “Rocky IV” also spawned a pair of “Creed” films in the past five years.

New Episodes

There are plenty of other shows airing new episodes tonight. Use this as a helpful guide when channel surfing tonight. Make sure you don’t miss the latest episodes of your favorite shows. Once again, times may vary by local area. Please check your local guide for the most accurate times.

  • God Friended Me” (CBS) at 8 PM
  • NCIS: Los Angeles” (CBS) at 9 PM
  • Madam Secretary” (CBS) at 10 PM
  • “American Idol” (ABC) at 8 PM
  • Shark Tank” (ABC) at 10 PM
  • World of Dance” (NBC) at 8 PM
  • Good Girls” (NBC) at 10 PM
  • The Simpsons” (Fox) at 8 PM
  • Bob’s Burgers” (Fox) at 8:30 PM
  • “Family Guy” (Fox) at 9 PM
  • Supergirl” (CW) at 8 PM
  • Charmed” (CW) at 9 PM
  • The Walking Dead” (AMC) at 9 PM
  • “Into the Badlands” (AMC) at 10:25 PM
  • The Zoo” (Animal Planet) at 8 PM
  • “Evan Goes Wild” (Animal Planet) at 9:15 PM
  • The Real Housewives of Atlanta” (Bravo) at 8 PM
  • “Married to Medicine: Los Angeles” (Bravo) at 9 PM
  • Watch What Happens Live” (Bravo) at 10 PM
  • “The Bush Years: Family, Duty, Power” (CNN) at 10 PM
  • “Naked and Afraid” (Discovery) at 8 PM
  • Alaskan Bush People” (Discovery) at 10 PM
  • Total Bellas” (E!) at 9 PM
  • Very Cavallari” (E!) at 10 PM
  • “Buddy vs. Duff” (Food) at 9 PM
  • The Case Against Adnan Syed” (HBO) at 9 PM
  • “How Close Can I Beach” (HGTV) at 8 PM and 8:30 PM
  • “Carribean Life” (HGTV) at 9 PM and 9:30 PM
  • “Mediterranean Life” (HGTV) at 10 PM and 10:30 PM
  • American Pickers: Bonus Buys” (History) at 9 PM
  • Ridiculousness” (MTV) at 8 PM & 8:30 PM
  • Wicked Tuna” (National Geographic) at 8 PM & 9 PM
  • “Primal Survivor” (National Geographic) at 10 PM
  • Bar Rescue” (Paramount) at 10 PM
  • “Pompeii” (Science) at 8 PM & 9 PM
  • “Action” (Showtime) at 8 PM
  • “Billions” (Showtime) at 9 PM
  • Black Monday” (Showtime) at 10 PM
  • SMILF” (Showtime) at 10:30 PM
  • “Air Disasters” (Smithsonian) at 8 PM
  • Epic Yellowstone” (Smithsonian) at 9 PM
  • “American Gods” (STARZ) at 8 PM
  • “Now Apocalypse” (STARZ) at 9 PM
  • “Sister Wives” (TLC) at 8 PM
  • “Seeking Sister Wife” (TLC) at 10 PM
  • “Expedition Unknown” (Travel) at 8 PM
  • “Mission Declassified” (Travel) at 10 PM

What are you watching tonight? Share with us in the comments below!