Circuit Q&A – Warren Beatty the Actor or Filmmaker?

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Today is Warren Beatty‘s 82nd birthday. The Academy Award winning actor and director has had a career that puts him in the legendary status among Hollywood stars. Both in front of the camera and behind it, he’s a true A-lister. On his birthday, we wanted to honor him. As such, we’re curious if you prefer his acting or filmmaking. Which thrills you more?

As much as he’s known for his acting, the man also is a hell of a filmmaker. His debut “Heaven Can Wait,” which he co-directed with Buck Henry, received nine Oscar nominations, including four for Beatty himself. He’d get another four for his follow-up “Reds,” which also won him the Academy Award for Best Director. In fact, two of his next three efforts also received Oscar attention, with only “Rules Don’t Apply” being shut out. “Dick Tracy” won a trio of technical category prizes, while “Bulworth” got Beatty a Best Original Screenplay nod. Under the radar, he’s a filmmaker that’s very much an Academy darling.

Beatty the actor is hardly a slouch. He’s best known for “Bonnie and Clyde,” which got him his first of four Best Actor nominations from the Oscars. Other iconic turns include his title role in “Dick Tracy,” as well as “Shampoo.” You don’t see him in front of the camera much anymore, but that takes nothing away from the talent he displayed for decades.

The choice is yours Do you prefer the acting of Warren Beatty or the directing? Let us know!

What are your thoughts on Warren Beatty? Do you prefer his acting or his filmmaking? Comment below and share your thoughts!