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Top 10: Best Stop Motion Animation Films

This weekend marks the release of Laika’s Missing Link. This is the studio’s fifth feature-length film and each of the previous efforts was nominated for Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards. The studio is known for its work in stop motion animation, in which physical objects are incrementally moved and captured in individual frames. Despite the painstaking nature of the technique, there are always new projects on the horizon that rely on it.

In honor of Missing Link, we thought it would be fun to countdown the ten best stop motion animation films of all time.


10. “Chicken Run” (2000)
dir. Peter Lord, Nick Park

This was the feature film debut for Aardman, which has perhaps done more for stop motion animation than any other studio. It also has the distinction of being the highest grossing stop motion animation film of all time. “Chicken Run” created a visually layered world and told a story for all ages. Park and Lord took the rubber chicken gag and extended it into a narrative that is equal parts warm, funny and thought-provoking. And it looks set to build on that legacy with a recently announced sequel.