What’s on TV? – Friday – (4/12/19) From Joseph Pulitzer to Captain America, American Heroes Rule the Night

If you are interested in staying in this Friday night, there are a variety of viewing choices. PBS takes a hard look at famed journalist Joseph Pulitzer on “American Masters.” Netflix releases “The Silent” and “Huge in France.” Two of ABC’s shows are hoping to close out their season’s on a strong note to ensure renewal. Check out our full list of what’s on TV below!

Pick of the Night

“American Masters” at 9 PM on PBS

This PBS series has been airing since 1986. This documentary series has studied the lives of some of the most influential Americans. Tonight, this Emmy-winning show dives into the life of Joseph Pulitzer. Pulitzer (1847-1911) was a journalist and publisher for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the New York World. He would go on to be a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from New York. His endowment to Columbia University led to the creation of the Pulitzer Prize.

What’s Premiering?

“The Silence” on Netflix

Stanley Tucci and Kiernan Shipka in “The Silence”

“The Silence” seems to be trying to cash in on last year’s “A Quiet Place.” This Netflix horror film tells the story of a world threatened by monsters who prey on sound (sound familiar?). The lead character in “The Silence,” a teenage girl played by Kiernan Shipka, is also deaf (sound really familiar?). The film also stars Stanley Tucci and Miranda Otto.

“Huge in France” on Netflix

French comedian Gad Elmaleh stars as himself in this Netflix series. Elmaleh, who is a huge success in France, finds himself in the United States trying to reconnect with his son. As he works to mend this broken relationship, he realizes that he has NO relationship with an American audience. No longer leading a famous life, Elmaleh must adjust.

What’s Ending?

“Fresh off the Boat” at 8 PM and “Speechless” at 8:30 PM on ABC

The cast of “Fresh off the Boat”

ABC says goodbye (for now) to two of their Friday night staples. “Fresh off the Boat” ends its fifth season tonight with its 101st episode. With the airing of its 100th episode last week, this makes it the only Asian-American sitcom to hit that milestone. “Speechless” ends its third season and is still a leading voice for individuals with disabilities on television. Neither show has yet been renewed for the 2019-2020 season.

Movies on TV

“Captain America: Civil War” on TBS at 8 PM

Captain America: Civil War” (2016) may as well have been the third Avengers film. It is also the lead-in film (for many of the characters) for last year’s “Avengers: Infinity Wars.” “Civil War” is a triumphant film that pits the heroes we have come to know and love against each other in a struggle over the future of the Avengers. Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. are on fire in this fierce fight that goes where most action films dare not tread- the political. This is a winner that will get you more pumped for the endgame on April 26th!

“Friday Night Lights” on CMT at 8 PM

“Friday Night Lights”

This 2004 film from writer/director Peter Berg has a place in the pantheon of great sports films. Billy Bob Thornton gives a passionate performance as a Texas high school football coach. Tim McGraw, Lucas Black, and Garrett Hedlund also star in this story based on true events. Connie Britton and Brad Leland, who had roles in this film, would go on to star in Berg’s Emmy-winning television show adaptation of the same name. Clear Eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

New Episodes

In case you aren’t feeling bombarded with choices, here are some more. Below is a list of new episodes of television that will be on TV tonight.

  • “Fresh Off the Boat” (ABC) at 8 p.m. ET
  • “Speechless” (ABC) at 8:30 p.m. ET
  • “Blindspot” (NBC) at 8 p.m. ET
  • “The Blacklist” (NBC) at 9 p.m. ET
  • “Dateline NBC” (NBC) at 10 p.m. ET
  • “The Cool Kids” (FOX) at 8:30 p.m. ET
  • “Proven Innocent” (FOX) at 9 p.m. ET
  • “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” (CW) at 8 & 9 p.m. ET
  • “MacGyver” (CBS) at 8 p.m. ET
  • “Hawaii Five-O” (CBS) at 9 p.m. ET
  • “Blue Bloods” (CBS) at 10 p.m. ET
  • “Live PC: Rewind” (A&E) at 8:06 p.m. ET
  • “Live PC” (A&E) at 9:00 p.m. ET
  • “Animal Cribs” (Animal) at 9 p.m. ET
  • “The Graham Norton Show” (BBC) at 11 p.m. ET
  • “Don’t Be Tardy…” (Bravo) at 9 p.m. ET
  • “Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail” (Discovery) at 8 p.m. ET
  • “Gold Rush” (Discovery) at 9 p.m. ET
  • “Sydney to the Max” (Disney Channel) at 8:30 p.m. ET
  • College Basketball Awards” (ESPN2) at 8:00 p.p. ET
  • “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” (Food Network) at 9 p.m. ET
  • “America Says” (GSN) at 9 p.m. ET
  • “My Lottery Dream Home” (HGTV) at 9 p.m. ET
  • “Real Time with Bill Maher” (HBO) at 10 p.m. ET
  • “Mystery in Lake Michigan” (ID) at 9 p.m. ET
  • “Death and Taxes” (ID) at 10 p.m. ET
  • “In Plain Sight” (ID) at 11/11:30 p.m. ET
  • “Ridiculousness” (MTV) at 8/8:31 p.m. ET
  • “48 Hours Hard Evidence” (ID) at 9 p.m. ET
  • “Oj Simpson: The Crimes And Punishment” (Oxygen) at 9 p.m. ET
  • “Catalyst” (Smithsonian) at 9 p.m. ET
  • “ELEAGUE” (TBS) at 11 p.m. ET
  • “90 Day Fiancé” (ID) at 8 p.m. ET
  • “Ghost Adventures” (Travel Channel) at 9 p.m. ET
  • “Mama June: From Not to Hot” (WE) at 9 p.m. ET
  • “Bridezillas” (WE) at 10 p.m. ET

What are you watching tonight? Will you check out the Joseph Pulitzer’s Biography or the season finale of “Fresh off the Boat”? Share with us in the comments below!