Circuit Q&A: What is Your Favorite Arya Stark Moment?


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Arya Stark of Winterfell is always a character to look out for in HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” The highly acclaimed show is currently in its eighth and final season and there’s one character who’s hungry with a list of names. Meticulous and quite the swordswoman, Arya is a threat to all who have wronged her and her family. The character is put through tumultuous and heartbreaking situations. Arya endures the deaths of many in her family, but it’s no surprise that her perseverance is catapulted by the strength of family and honor. It is Maisie Williams’ birthday today and Awards Circuit is celebrating by asking you, the readers: What is your favorite Arya Stark moment?

Maisie Williams as Arya Stark in HBO’s “Game of Thrones”

Across all seven fleshed out seasons of the show, Arya stuns enemies with swordsmanship as sharp as her wit. The youngest of the Stark family, Arya has literally grown before our eyes. She out-shoots her brother Bran as a young onlooker and trains under Jaqen H’ghar of The House of Black and White. Arya’s first blow to the soul comes with the beheading of her father Eddard Stark in the first season. From then on she’s trained, self-taught and under mentorship, to rely only on herself. When push comes to shove, Arya flees The Faceless Men and fought off The Waif, H’ghar’s formidable prodigy. This ensues a cat and mouse chase through the city of Braavos. Arya fights off The Waif, killing and adding her to the Hall of Faces. A true badass.

Arya is astute with a vendetta so ferocious adversaries can hardly see her coming. With the likes of Walder Frey, some Lannister henchmen and Littlefinger falling through her blade of justice, Arya looks to top the list with the demise of Cersei Lannister. There are many little moments of Arya Stark that compare to her greatest of prevails. Which moment, small or grand scale, stuck with you?

What is your favorite Arya Stark moment from “Game of Thrones?” Let us know in the comments section below!