Superhero Fix: Big Disney+ Updates Lay Out First 2 Years of Content, Plus Rumors of Hawkeye, Hulk Shows

With the “Avengers: Endgame” premiere on the very near horizon (get here faster, April 26), Disney is turning to their new streaming service to spread the MCU to the small screen. Big things have been happening with Disney+ since my last update, with several Marvel series being officially confirmed, and a few more rumors materializing around Hawkeye and Hulk. Disney+ has also laid out their release schedule for their first two years of content, including some broader content about Marvel canon in general. Read on for all the new details we’ve gleaned about the Marvel content coming to Disney+.

CONFIRMED: ‘Falcon & Winter Soldier,’ ‘ScarletVision’ Shows Both Officially Coming To Disney+

It’s official, TV shows for the Falcon & Winter Soldier and Wanda Maximoff and Vision are coming to Disney+. “These will be major storylines set in the MCU with ramifications that will be felt both through the other Disney+ series we’ll be producing and the future on the big screen,” Kevin Feige revealed at investor meeting this past Thursday. Anthony Mackie (a.k.a. Falcon) tweeted out the official title card for the series (see above), as did Sebastian Stan (a.k.a Winter Soldier) on Instagram, though he simply said “Ok” with with the air of a man who knows not to say anything about Marvel-related. K, Seb.

No plot details have been revealed, but Feige did confirm that Malcolm Spellman (“Empire”) will be writing the script. It’s likely the series will sort out which superhero will get the Captain America shied; both characters have been Captain Americain the comics, and it’s all but certain one or the other will be taking over for Chris Evans (who’s leaving after “Avengers: Endgame”) in later MCU films. Also: this pretty much confirms both will be coming back to life in “Avengers: Endgame”!

Feige gave us a little more info on the Scarlet Witch and Vision series, titled “WandaVision,” at the meeting. Jac Schaeffer, who penned “Captain Marvel,” will be serving as showrunner, with Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch) and Paul Bettany (Vision) already set to star. “This story is definitely something unexpected and surprising, as well as something we could only do in a longform series,” he said, and also confirmed that the Disney+ Marvel shows will be “on the same level of quality that you’ve come to expect [from Marvel].”

Bettany posted on Instagram about “WandaVision” (see above), expressing excitement about working with his “ol Chum” along with Olsen, who also seems thrilled for the series. Again, no plot details have been released, but I’m guessing the series will either A) cover Wanda and Vision’s budding romance in the time before “Avengers: Infinity War” or B) what they’ll be doing to help Earth after the events of “Avengers: Endgame.” This also likely confirms that both will be de-dusted in the monumental film, yay!

RUMORED: Hawkeye Could Pass The Torch To Protege (And Other Hawkeye), Kate Bishop, In New Series

My wish may be coming true! Hawkeye, the most underrated Avenger who has been treated terribly by the MCU, may be getting a Disney+ series with comic book protege Kate Bishop!!! Variety reported this week that Disney+ is officially developing a limited series for Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye, with the MCU actor already attached to star. The series will be an adventure series with Hawkeye (a.k.a. Clint Barton) passing on the bow to Kate Bishop (also known as Hawkeye), who’s best know as a member of the Young Avengers. Disney, Marvel, and Renner’s reps have not confirmed the series or Renner’s involvement, but Disney and Marvel also didn’t confirm the Winter Soldier and Falcon series or the WandaVision series, so the rumors are probably true (?).

While many on the internet made much ado about that clip in the “Avengers: Endgame” trailer with Hawkeye teaching a young girl some archery, it’s not clear if that was Kate or his daughter. My bet is that the clip is of his daughter, who we last saw in “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” as Kate Bishop is an older, rich teenager in Marvel comics. The news of Bishop’s potential involvement in a Hawkeye series means that A) Marvel will be searching for a young actress to play Kate, if they haven’t already found someone, and B) if Kate’s coming to the small screen, could the Young Avengers eventually get their own live-action series (or better yet, an MCU film)? Also: this totally means Hawkeye lives through “Avengers: Endgame,” right? Right? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

RUMORED: Could Hulk & She-Hulk and Thor & Darryl Also Get Their Own Shows?

In just as exciting news, We Got This Covered is also reporting that Marvel is developing a Hulk and She-Hulk Disney+ series, with Mark Ruffalo expected to star (does this mean Banner will make it through “Avengers: Endgame”???). It’s rumored that the series will also be a way to wind down Ruffalo’s onscreen journey as the Hulk, with Ruffalo potentially passing the torch to She-Hulk, a.k.a his cousin Jennifer Walters (read more about her here). Again, this is not a confirmed series and Ruffalo hasn’t confirmed his involvement. But, with the track record of the other Disney+ series announcements, this rumor could be confirmed pretty soon.

Like We Got This Covered opined, I’d like to see Walters, a badass lawyer in own right, take to the courtroom to and the battlefield, perhaps in a courtroom procedural/action series. I’m also hoping they pick an actress with some serious physical muscle to play She-Hulk, as she famously retained her strong green form full-time for the confidence boost. One of my potential picks would be Brooke Ence, an American CrossFit champion also played an Amazon in “Wonder Woman.”

Lastly, there’s a little fun tidbit from Chris Hemsworth, the man behind the MCU’s Thor who is apparently down for his own Disney+ series (does this mean you survive “Avengers: Endgame,” Thor???). Hemsworth and “Thor: Ragnarok” director Taika Waititi loved making those Thor/Darryl mockumentaries in the run up to the “Thor: Ragnarok” release. The actor who plays Darryl, Daley Pearson, even confirmed that Darryl survived The Snap, so it’s actually possible. A Thor/Darryl series sounds more like fanfiction than an actual series, but hey, I’ll take it?

Updated List Of Confirmed Disney+ Marvel Shows (So Far)

Below is the list (so far) of all the confirmed Marvel content set to come to Disney+ with a brief description of each series, via Deadline. I’ve also included some Marvel-themed series on the list, as it seems Disney will be spreading their Marvel content to roll in some real-life kid superheroes and some further content about Marvel canon and its links to world history. Disney+ will launch November 12 for $6.99 a month (or, annually, $70).


  • “Falcon and Winter Soldier”: Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan set to reprise their roles from the MCU.
  • “Marvel’s What If…?”: Marvel Studios’ first animated series, with each episode exploring a pivotal moment in the MCU and playing around with its variables.
  • “Marvel’s Hero Project”: Produced by Marvel New Media in partnership with MaggieVision Productions, focusing on the positive change several young, real-life heroes make in their own communities, with Marvel celebrating them as true superheroes. Note: Available at launch.
  • “Marvel’s 616”: An anthological documentary series from Marvel New Media in partnership with Supper Club, exploring the links between Marvel’s history, characters and creators and the real world. Each episode will focus on the historical, cultural, and societal contexts imbedded into the Marvel Universe.


  • “Loki”: Tom Hiddleston set to reprise his role from the MCU.
  • “WandaVision”: Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany set to reprise their roles from the MCU.

Who should play Kate Bishop in the rumored Hawkeye series? Which other Avengers deserve their own Disney+ series? Let me know in the comments below!