Top 10: Best Rooney Mara Performances


    Two-time Academy Award nominee Rooney Mara celebrated her birthday yesterday! One could describe her performances to be quietly powerful, and they wouldn’t be wrong. Mara is magnetizing, reeling you in with the slightest of expression under her breath or turn of the face. She’s worked with indie filmmakers and popular names alike and is an active philanthropist. As she celebrates another year, Awards Circuit is celebrating another year to appreciate her talent. Here are ten of her most notable performances in film.

    10“Lion” (2016)
    dir. Garth Davis

    9“Mary Magdalene” (2019)
    dir. Garth Davis

    8“Ain’t Them Bodies Saints” (2013)
    dir. David Lowery

    7“Her” (2013)
    dir. Spike Jonze

    6“Song to Song” (2017)
    dir. Terrence Malick

    5“The Social Network” (2010)
    dir. David Fincher

    4“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” (2011)
    dir. David Fincher

    3“A Ghost Story” (2017)
    dir. David Lowery

    2“Side Effects” (2013)
    dir. Steven Soderbergh

    1“Carol” (2015)
    dir. Todd Haynes