Circuit Q&A – What’s Your Favorite James McAvoy Performance?


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Today we celebrate James McAvoy‘s birthday. The actor is now 40 years old, having already made a distinct mark in the film industry. He’s yet to be nominated for an Academy Award, but there’s no doubt that his time with Oscar is coming. On this day, we pay tribute to McAvoy, and one such way is to ask you all about his best work. What role so far has been your favorite of his?

For many, McAvoy’s best is either his Golden Globe nominated performance in “Atonement” or his showy role in M. Night Shyamalan‘s “Split,” which he reprised earlier this year in “Glass.” If not, it’s likely his various turns as Professor Charles Xavier in the most recent “X-Men” movies. Each of these are very different bits of acting, but they easily showcase the range that McAvoy is able to sport. Even in “Split,” he put forward a whole range of different characters.

Other performances of note from the man include a deeply underrated turn in “The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby,” plus other works such as “The Last King of Scotland” and “The Last Station.” There’s a definite sense that the best is yet to come for McAvoy, which is exciting. When you consider how good he’s been so far, if this is just scratching the surface, there’s reason to look ahead with glee.

The choice is yours now. What are your choice James McAvoy performances? Does one in particular stand tall among the others? Let us know!

What is your favorite performance from James McAvoy? Share your thoughts in the comments below!