Superhero Fix: How We Think ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Will Play Out

The premiere of “Avengers: Endgame” is here! With the Internet buzzing about all the possible ways the film could play out (and effect the rest of the MCU), I’ve decided to toss out all the theories I personally have about what happens in “Avengers: Endgame” before we finally see the film. Will I get it right or wrong? Probably wrong (there’s bound to be more surprises than the Russos are letting on), but I’m going to try anyway!

Selina’s Predictions For “Avengers: Endgame”

  • LOKI’S ALIVE: Of all my theories about Endgame, this is the one I hold close: the Asgardian Trickster must be alive. There’s no way Loki, the dude who’s always got a trick up his sleeve, wouldn’t have an escape plan. Thor, the lovable Avenger who cannot tell a lie, needed to believe his brother truly perished, so he – along with the audience – are made to believe Loki sacrificed himself. But this is Loki, the man who can make magical copies of himself. My theory is that he shuffled away some surviving Asgardians, under the command of Valkyrie, and left a clone of himself to “die” while he escaped with the others. He’ll likely come back (perhaps along with Captain Marvel?) to help stop the Mad Titan.
  • CLINT BARTON’S FAMILY DIED IN THE SNAP: The trailers show Barton teaching a young girl some archery back on his farm, pre-Emo Haircut, and then Hawkeye’s suddenly back to killing bad guys, but this time, in a new suit and with some sick blades. He’s definitely become Ronin, the darker version of Hawkeye, possibly because he lost his family in The Snap. This is all but confirmed by the trailers, but it needed to be said.
  • BRUCE BANNER/HULK: There’s another pretty decent theory about Bruce Banner, who was unable to “perform” (aka, change into the Hulk) during “Avengers: Infinity War.” Could Banner really be Loki in disguise, while Bruce is still off somewhere with other escapees from the Asgardian ship? My heart says no. “Avengers: Endgame” picks up five years after “Avengers: Infinity War,” with Banner trying to help cover the tech/science avenging side of things with Loki gone. Natasha, a world-class spy, has also been working with him, and there’s no way Natasha Romanov doesn’t sniff out Loki in a rumpled scientist’s skin. I don’t buy it. Which means, Hulk is either angry or scared about the sheer power of Thanos, which tracks a bit more with the Strongest Avenger. I think we will see Hulk again (if only to enable the Disney+ series), but Banner will have to give a hell of a pep talk to bring him back out.
  • GAMORA’S DEATH IS SUPER IMPORTANT: Gamora will be the nail in Thanos’ coffin. The Mad Titan previously sacrificed her, the daughter he loved most, for the Soul Stone, and it was the one action he seemed to regret in “Avengers: Infinity War.” I can definitely see that loss causing a crack in his armor, which the Avengers will exploit. Gamora, for her part, won’t be twiddling her thumbs – I also don’t believe she’s dead, a Guardian of the Galaxy doesn’t die that easily. I’m betting there’s a way out, or someone will be rescuing her. The question is, who?
  • EVERYONE WHO GOT DUSTED IS ALIVE: I know “Avengers: Infinity War” seriously tugged at the heartstrings with The Snap, but there were too many heroes with pending sequels to believe those deaths will stick. There’s also little chance of the Russo brothers wasting half their star power for their biggest film to date. So, everyone who’s dusted is all together, possibly in a quantum realm or the place Gamora and Red Skull were in infinity war. There will be some dramatic, moping amongst the fallen in their magical purgatory, but Dr. Strange, along with Wanda, will have some sort of idea to help the living, and the dusted will help undo the Snap by lending what little power they have to them.
  • LET’S DO THE TIME-WRAP AGAIN!: The most obvious hints from the various Endgame trailers point towards some sort of time-travel Hail Mary, with the Avengers blasting off to undo The Snap. My guess is it involves something from Mar-Vell’s laboratory and Captain Marvel’s superpowers, since she’s seen blasting off beside the ship (helmed by Rocket, who will definitely try to steal Tony’s tech). I think they’ll be heading back to the Battle of Wakanda with some new knowledge— or team member— who can wrench off and destroy the Gauntlet. Which brings me to the most important theory…
  • CAPTAIN MARVEL WILL DEFEAT THANOS: I’ve previously talked about Captain Marvel’s potential influence on “Avengers: Endgame,” so I’ll try not to prattle on. (Tl;dr Captain Marvel will bring back Iron Man and maybe some Asgardian refugees from outer space). According to the entirety of “Captain Marvel,” Carol Danvers also has some serious firepower, not all of which she’s truly realized. Her intense power blasts alone could mean the difference for defeating Thanos, as it provides a way for the Gauntlet to be destroyed for good. Her budding friendship with Thor could also spell them working together to subdue him so Carol can get the Gauntlet off (or just cut his head off, like a logical person). Captain Marvel has to be the one difference, the one chance Dr. Strange saw to save the universe. I’m betting their initial loss was the only way to give Carol time to travel back to Earth. I’m not saying the other superheroes will sit back while Carol handles business – there’s all of Thanos’ “kids” and followers to defeat, after all – but the resolution of The Snap will definitely rest on Carol’s shoulders.
  • WE’LL GET FINAL GOODBYES FOR STEVE ROGERS AND TONY STARK: We know Chris Evans (Captain America) and Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) will be taking their final bows in “Avengers: Endgame,” but I don’t think either will be killed off. RDJ has been such an integral part of the MCU’s rise to power and popularity, and I can’t see the Russo brothers killing him in the end. I think his exit has already been foreshadowed in “Avengers: Infinity War,” when he hinted at having kids with Pepper Potts. He’ll likely ride off into the sunset with a baby or two in tow. As for Steve Rogers, there’s a slightly bigger chance he’ll die, but again, I don’t see him going out that way. His last outfit, which we saw in Wakanda, bore a striking resemblance to Nomad, the mantle Rogers took after being disillusioned by the American government (which already happened with S.H.I.E.L.D.’s fall). He’ll probably hare off to the corners of the world that need a superhero, maybe coming back to visit a de-dusted Bucky Barnes at his Wakandan goat farm from time to time. If Bucky doesn’t become Cap himself, that is.

“Avengers: Endgame” premieres April 26. Watch the latest official trailer below.

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