Top 10: Best Horror Movies to Ever Be Remade

    We all know the feeling of finding out a movie you love is being remade. There is always a sense the new creative team won’t capture the same feeling as the original. Nowhere is this truer than in the horror genre, where so many elements have to come together to create the perfect storm of terror.

    Honoring the 30th anniversary of “Pet Sematary,” which just saw its remake released this month, we are counting down the best horror movies to ever receive the remake treatment. To be clear, we are not ranking the remakes. We are ranking the originals–in all their classic horror glory.

    10“Friday the 13th” (1980)
    dir: Sean S. Cunningham

    9“Poltergeist” (1982)
    dir: Tobe Hooper

    8“The Evil Dead” (1981)
    dir: Sam Raimi

    7“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (1974)
    dir: Tobe Hooper

    6“It” (1990)
    dir: Tommy Lee Wallace

    5“Carrie” (1976)
    dir: Brian De Palma

    4“Ringu” (1998)
    dir: Hideo Nakata

    3“A Nightmare on Elm Street” (1984)
    dir: Wes Craven

    2“Halloween” (1978)
    dir: John Carpenter

    1“Psycho” (1960)
    dir: Alfred Hitchcock