Top 10: Best Movies Starring Dwayne Johnson

    Dwayne Johnson is a modern day icon. Last year, he set a record for acting earnings in any year with $124M. His movies have grossed almost $10B at the global box office and that total will continue to climb. In the next year alone, he will star in a “Fast & Furious” spin-off and a “Jumanji” sequel. He is as big of a global star as anyone in Hollywood and has proven to be a reliable box office draw.

    The entertainer has turned his start as a professional wrestler into more than anyone could have imagined. Today, in honor of his 47th birthday, we are counting down the top 10 movies of his career.

    10“Pain & Gain” (2013)
    dir. Michael Bay

    9“Snitch” (2013)
    dir: Ric Roman Waugh

    8“San Andreas” (2015)
    dir: Brad Peyton

    7“Fast Five” (2011)
    dir: Justin Lin

    6“Get Smart” (2008)
    dir: Peter Segal

    5“The Rundown” (2003)
    dir: Peter Berg

    4“Central Intelligence” (2016)
    dir: Rawson Marshall Thurber

    3“Furious 7” (2015)
    dir: James Wan

    2“Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” (2017)
    dir: Jake Kasdan

    1“Moana” (2016)
    dir: Ron Clements and John Musker