Top 10: Dramatic Actors Who Should Do More Comedies

    Long Shot

    Audiences remain familiar with  Charlize Theron‘s work through her consistently dramatic choices. But the Oscar winner rarely dabbles into the comedy genre. Theron may have given some wry comedic turns in “Young Adult” and “Tully,” which garnered her wide acclaim, but they aren’t comedies in the same vein of her upcoming film. “Long Shot,” co-starring the ever tied-to comedy Seth Rogen, proves to be a rare exception for the actress. One, according to early reviews, garners Theron ever encouraging praise.

    Theron is not the only screen star who consistently, it seems, chooses drama over comedy. Whether it’s by choice or typecasting, these ten actors and actress haven’t let their humorous-freak-flags fly quite as often. Here’s hoping that changes with this list of ten actors and actresses who consistently take on dramatic roles but should definitely give their loyal fans a chance to see them take stab at comedy.

    10Marion Cotillard

    9Rooney Mara

    8Michael Shannon

    Michael Shannon

    7Viola Davis

    6Jessica Chastain

    5Jake Gyllenhaal

    4Denzel Washington

    3Oscar Isaac

    2Michael Fassbender

    1Cate Blanchett