[EXCLUSIVE] First Trailer Released for Activist Documentary ‘Ghost Fleet’

Vulcan Productions/ Seahorse Productions (IMDb)

[EXCLUSIVE] Vulcan Productions and Seahorse Productions have released the first official trailer for “Ghost Fleet,” a documentary about the perils, slavery and injustices of the seafood industry, and how one group fights against these inhumane practices.

The film is directed by Shannon Service and Jeffrey Waldron and documents the cruel conditions of the fishermen who directly feed the seafood appetite in the Cambodian region.

The official press synopsis:

Ghost Fleet follows a small group of activists who risk their lives on remote Indonesian islands to find justice and freedom for the enslaved fishermen who feed the world’s insatiable appetite for seafood. Bangkok-based Patima Tungpuchayakul, a Thai abolitionist, has committed her life to helping these “lost” men return home. Facing illness, death threats, corruption, and complacency, Patima’s fearless determination for justice inspires her nation and the world.

Vulcan Productions/ Seahorse Productions (IMDb)

One of the documentary’s leading activists, Patima Tungpuchayakul, is manager of a labor rights agency. Patima follows through in her humanitarian efforts to bring the dark truths of her findings to light. Tun Lin, who was kidnapped at 14 and forced to work on remote coasts, details his survival in the film and the efforts it took for him to finally escape as Patima found him.

Director Shannon Service as worked as a reporter and filmmaker, with much of her work featured at The New York Times, BBC and The Guardian of London. Jeffrey Waldron, who directs by her side, is a director of photography. His work in 2011’s “The Dynamiter” was nominated for an Independent Spirit Awards.

“Ghost Fleet” is produced by Vulcan Productions and Seahorse Productions. The former has backed projects across the likes of world conservation issues, history and exploration, the arts and technology for since its conception  It is being released via Abramorama on June 7 ahead of World Ocean Day.

Executive producers on the film are Paul G. Allen, Carole Tomko, Geralyn Dreyfous, Shannon O’Leary Joy, Julia Ormond and Shari Sant Plummer. “Ghost Fleet” will release in limited theaters June 7.

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