Circuit Q&A – What’s Your Favorite Ryan Reynolds Performance?

Ryan Reynolds is hoping for another hit with this week’s “Pokémon Detective Pikachu.” Since the Pokémon enterprise has seen several resurgences over the years, he may be lucky enough to reap the benefits of this recent film iteration.

It seems like Reynolds just became a major A-list star in recent years. But the Reynolds has worked consistently since the early 90s. He received his start working in television with intermediate film projects sprinkled in between and starred in his first film, “Ordinary Magic,” which came out in 1993.

As Reynolds began to pick up more film projects, he headlined comedies like “Van Wilder” and co-starred with Michael Douglas and Albert Brooks in the remake of “The In-Laws” in 2003. Reynolds began to make a name for himself in the comedy sphere, leading films with moderate cult followings like “Waiting” and “Just Friends,” two movies that didn’t earn its desired intake at the box office.

Disposable action movies have also been strewn through his filmography. Reynolds starred in “Safe House,” co-starring Denzel Washington and “R.I.P.D.,” with Jeff Bridges. The actor has made plenty of forgettable movies but what’s interesting about Reynolds’ career is he doesn’t stay in one lane for too long. He has delivered strong, awards-worthy performances in independent features, like the claustrophobic thriller “Buried,” a real turning point for the actor. Ryan Reynolds showed a range of emotions in a confined setting. It’s a shame not many audiences saw the film because it only made $1 millions at the domestic box office.

Perhaps Reynolds’ best performance so far has been in the criminally under-seen “The Voices.” Reynolds’ performance as a deranged everyman allowed the actor to use his comedic skills in a different setting, and to great effect. The movie is about a man, who takes sinister instructions from his pets. Along with starring in the film, Reynolds  voiced the animals.

His manic and hilarious performance in Deadpoolmight rank high on most fan’s list. The movie surprised in many ways and scored big at the box office. The film is a fair choice when reflecting upon his work.

Reynolds has shown signs of wanting to be more than just the comedy or action star.  With his growing, diverse filmography built over the years, he has been successful in doing so. Hopefully, he continues to attach himself to interesting projects, while searching for the next big hit.

It’s your turn to pick! What’s your favorite Ryan Reynolds performance? Sound off in the comments below.