Circuit Q&A- What’s Your Favorite Vincent Price Film?

"Theatre of Blood" (1973)

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Yesterday marked Vincent Price‘s birthday. The illustrious actor and horror icon would have celebrated his 108th birthday. Whether you know him for his role in “The Abominable Dr. Phibes,” or his small role in Tim Burton’s “Edward Scissorhands” as the doting creator of the titular soul, it’s not difficult to come by his name in cinema. Vincent Price is one of the horror genre’s most beloved motifs, whose voice is unparalleled as it warms the television screen for a snug, creepy night in. Always in season, Price’s on-screen energy is affectionate to his craft, which is composed equally of humor as it is of terror. Backed by a career in horror classics, voice acting, and television, Price is a timeless luminary of the stratosphere. He had a career that spanned 50 years and it’s difficult to say there’s been someone else quite like him. To celebrate his birthday, AwardsCircuit asks readers, what’s your favorite Vincent Price film?

Price is a singular entity when he’s acting. He has a unique aura that complements most of his films that circle around suspense and deliciously dark humor. From “House of Wax” to “The Fly,” his performances are unmatched. In William Castle’s “House on Haunted Hill,” Price starred as Frederick Loren, a wealthy man who offers $10,000 to any of his house guests if they can survive the frightful night. Price would soon collaborate with Castle again in the 1959 horror “The Tingler,” a film about the parasitic perils that fall down on a pathologist when he discovers an existing virus that feeds on human fear.

“House on Haunted Hill”

In 1961, the actor starred in “Pit and the Pendulum,” one of director Roger Corman’s adaptations of Edgar Allen Poe’s work. The film sees Price casting a dual role as he plays the characters of a son and father amid a mysterious family history of death and torture. In 1974, Vincent Price hosted the Horror Hall of Fame, a special that honored the greatest monsters of the genre and the actors behind them. The special was an ode to actors like John Carradine, Frank Gorshin, and John Astin. It’s just one Price’s many talents to be a host of all things spooky. Other acting roles came in films such as “The Ten Commandments,” “The Great Mouse Detective,” “House of 1,000 Dolls,” The Raven” and “The Invisible Man Returns.” There are so many great films to pick out of the collection that is Vincent Price’s life.

What are some of your favorite Vincent Price films? Let us know in the comments below!