Circuit Q&A – Time Traveling With Michael J. Fox

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Though his eternally youthful appearance would never suggest it, Michael J. Fox is actually 58 years old today. A staple of 1980’s entertainment on both the big and small screen, the actor is one of the most comforting comedic presences in the industry. For decades, any appearance by Fox in a movie meant audiences were in for a charming good time. With his birthday falling on this day, what better time is there to pay tribute to the man and look back on his career?

Fox received his start playing Alex P. Keaton on the hit sitcom “Family Ties” for much of the 80’s. This role directly led to him earning the iconic character of Marty McFly in the “Back to the Future” trilogy. The time travel comedy films were massive hits, made Fox a huge star, and helped solidify the archetype he’d play for years to come. He didn’t look like the other leading men in Hollywood, though in the 80’s, few actors could boast his star power.

When one thinks of Michael J. Fox, they likely think of his Marty McFly role. It’s so ingrained in pop culture, Fox even referenced the role during his cameo in the recently released time travel tale on Netlfix “See You Yesterday.” Even outside of that franchise, his comedies like “Doc Hollywood,” “The Secret of My Success,” and “Teen Wolf” all of which fed off of the easygoing charm that defines him. Even in work such as “Casualties of War” or “The Frighteners,” which stretched his talents, this likability was still ever present.

Beyond his acting, Fox is also known as a tireless advocate for medical research. Struggling with Parkinson’s as one of the highest profile and most visible advocates, the man has managed to not allow his illness define him. Not only does he still act and appear in public, he’s a crusader for new and innovative ways to cure the disease. If/when medical science eradicates Parkinson’s, Fox will be one of the reasons why.

On his birthday, we want to know which Michael J. Fox performance is your favorite. Is it one of the ones listed above? Perhaps another one entirely? What part of Fox’s career turns you on the most? Clue us in!

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