Circuit Q&A – Favorite Ray Charles Song

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On this day, a decade and a half ago, the world lost musician Ray Charles. The legendary composer, singer, and songwriter passed away at the age of 73, but not before pioneering a whole new sound. His version of soul music took the world by storm in the 1950s.

Charles overcame the odds to become a star. He began losing his vision at the age of five, becoming completely blind two years later. He did not let that stop him, not just becoming a musician, but becoming one of the most well known and admired piano stars ever. Active in the music industry from 1947 until 2004, the man crafted a slew of music. Today, we seek to know what your favorites of his are.

For many, Charles is best known for the song “Georgia on My Mind.” That tune has stood the test of time and become absolutely iconic. Not far off, there’s work like “I Got a Woman,” which in 1955 became his first true hit, becoming number one on the charts. The singer is practically synonymous with his widely known hit “Hit The Road Jack,” which took home a Grammy Award for Charles.

Looking beyond the standards, one could even cite his collaboration with Billy Joel towards the latter stages of his career. The 1986 song “Baby Grand” paired two of the most beloved pianists together for a track fans of both artists fell for. Beyond just being a quality song, it proved that Charles was still viable a full generation after he got his start.

Celebrate the memory of Ray Charles today. Do you have a favorite song of his? Be sure to tell us what it is!

What are your favorite Ray Charles songs? Let us know in the comments below!