Circuit Q&A – Favorite Moment in the ‘Men in Black’ Series

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Last week, the “Men in Black” series of films received a new addition, as well as a soft reboot, with “Men in Black: International.” The quartet of movies, centering on a shadowy government agency that tracks alien movements on Earth, has mixed action, comedy, and science fiction into a very profitable blockbuster spectacle. Today, to pay tribute to the quartet, we’re asking readers what they believe are the best moments throughout the series.

The franchise began in 1997 with “Men in Black,” which paired Will Smith with Tommy Lee Jones as Agent J and Agent K, respectively. A hit with audiences and critics, a sequel came shortly in “Men in Black II.” The pair re-teamed there, though for the next installment, “Men in Black 3,” Josh Brolin largely took over for Jones, playing a younger version of K opposite Smith. Through each, Barry Sonnenfeld was at the helm. Now, we have “Men in Black: International,” with Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson the new protagonists with F. Gary Gray directing. Through it all, hilarious moments with unique aliens have been what fans embrace most.

For general audiences, the first outing is where all of the best moments reside. One undoubtedly is Smith going through the initial MiB recruitment, breaking rules and standing out the whole time. Another would be our introduction to Vincent D’Onofrio‘s alien wearing the Edgar suit. Then, one can’t forget about Smith’s J helping to deliver an extraterrestrial baby.

Among the sequels, a memorable element was how Brolin did a spot on impression of Jones in the third installment. The sequels haven’t felt as special or unique when compared to the original. As for the latest outing, they’re even harder to find, though Kumail Nanjiani‘s voice work as the CGI alien Pawny does stand out.

Four movies in, which moments from the “Men in Black” series are your favorites? Have a favorite? Let us know!

What are your favorite moments in the “Men in Black” franchise? Let us know in the comments below!