Genre Geeks: Ranking Andy’s Toys from the ‘Toy Story’ Franchise

This week, the toys are officially back in town! Directed by Josh Cooley, Disney’s “Toy Story 4” blasts into theaters to the sheer glee of fans and adults alike. Waiting this long for a sequel no one expected would exist is cause for anticipation. Before we become too accustomed with the new characters in the (possibly) final installment in the series, let’s not forget how much Andy’s original collection meant to us. Below is a definitive ranking of all of Andy’s toys — which don’t include the villains or any of the new daycare additions. Please enjoy the trip down nostalgia lane.

11Sarge (voiced by R. Lee Ermey)

Commander of the little Green Army Men, this sergeant is at the beckon call of Woody whenever an operation must be commenced. With his gung-ho attitude and compulsion for action, this little solider knows how to inflict large-scale impact when duty calls.

10Mrs. Potato Head (voiced by Estelle Harris)

Needing to constantly alleviate her husband’s manic behavior with wry yet loving reproach, Mrs. Potato Head adores her husband’s attention as soon as his rants cease. Her spunk and glittery pizzazz make her a comic relief who’s refreshing without falling into trope pitfalls.

9Hamm (voiced by John Ratzenberger)

Hamm’s flippancy is often to the detriment of the group, as he sows division and suspicion when trust should be the best avenue taken. However, his sardonic humor and thick-skinned ability to quickly get over matters once proven wrong make him an instrumental component of the franchise brand. Hamm is never the villain, but he always revels in the drama, adding more entertainment to any already memorable lot.

8Mr. Potato Head (voiced by Don Rickles)

Endearingly grumpy, Mr. Potato Head will always complain, doubt, and detract…and audiences wouldn’t have him any other way. His detachable parts add comic relief, and also serve him right when his outspoken negativity grates on nerves. As the worshiped God of the alien squish toys, Mr. Potato Head finally gets the blind, if awkward, respect he’s long hoped for.


This classic horse accompaniment of Woody’s original toy set is the epitome of exuberance and optimism. So long as he has his trusty cowboy or cowgirl rider guiding the reins, this trusted steed tackles adventure with dutiful fearlessness. Riding like the wind has never been a more sought after task.

6Slinky (voiced by Jim Varney and Blake Clark)

Slinky’s dependability is evidence that a toy’s best friend, like “man’s,” is also a dog. Like Bo Peep, he is always concerned about Woody’s well-being, even when his innocence is called into question. His intellect and Southern drawl make him a standout among canine movie characters. Most importantly, Slinky’s metal coil makes him the most practical of toys to get out of tight situations. There’s a gruff sense of justice – and sometimes revenge – when his friends are wronged, making Slinky one of the most ardent supporters of his faction.

5Bo Peep (voiced by Annie Potts)

This nursery rhyme figurine didn’t have many sheep to lose in the first place, but she always makes sure to shepherd a sense of kindness and decency. She believed Woody never intentionally knocked Buzz out of the window thanks to her acute judge of character. Bo Peep’s unconditional benevolence and good faith in everyone, especially Woody, makes her a character to remember, even if given little to do. Her absence was sorely felt in “Toy Story 3,” making her upcoming storyline in its sequel one of the most anticipated.

4Buzz Lightyear (voiced by Tim Allen)

Headstrong, endearingly naive, unafraid (in most cases), Buzz garners widespread adoration as his nobility matches his shiny exterior. Buzz suspends disbelief far too often, but he reminds audiences how liberating it is to escape the real world and envelop yourself with imagination. Thanks to Buzz, going to infinity and beyond is never impossible.

3Rex (voiced by Wallace Shawn)

Rex’s oxymoron nature makes him the fan-favorite that he is. Ashamed of his anxiety and not living up to the “scary” reputation of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, this dinosaur toy represents all of burdened by the pressures of expectation. Rex is a good reminder that you never have to conform to a certain high-benchmark standard to be considered worthy of heroism. His sensitive and empathetic demeanor ensures the safekeeping and care of his friends.

2Jessie (voiced by Joan Cusack)

Jessie is the most multidimensional toy because she has experienced love, rejection, loss, and the painful pangs of physical and emotional compartmentalization. Despite her trauma and reasonable human skepticism, Jessie never stays down in the doldrums for long. Her realistic approach to the toys’ situation keeps them from being lead astray or having too high of expectation, yet she’s always willing to trust the word of a friend when it counts the most.

1Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks)

Woody is the best of Andy’s toys because of his devotion to friendship and longevity. Even when his flaws cause a splinter among his comrades, Woody is always able to power through and grow from his mistakes. His test of character was proven when he and the crew were almost incinerated in “Toy Story 3.” As the nucleus of united strength, he reminded his buddies that no matter what loomed ahead, they would always face it together. Woody is the best of pals , the most pragmatic leader, and the one toy you’ll never have to worry about losing forever.

How would you rank Andy’s toys? Share your list in the comments section below!