Circuit Q&A – What’s Your Favorite ‘WORST’ Movie Ever Made?

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Great films are amazing. Bad ones are terrible. But, what about the movies that are so “bad” that they’re good? They become something else entirely. When thinking of the best of the worst, a gleeful thought process ensues comparing all sorts of film. These types of flicks are a unique beast. Today, we want to pay tribute to them and also find out which are our readers’ favorites.

The concept of “bad” movies is a newer one. The whole idea began in the 1970s when certain films that flopped in theaters were able to be birthed again as cult classic experiences. “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” the original midnight movie, helped launch this trend. Suddenly, instead of seeing this opening weekend and wondering what went wrong, audiences in the mood for schlock could gather with like minded folks and celebrate the worst of cinema. A whole new breed of movie fun was created.

By far, the most classic example of this is the aforementioned “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” A misguided musical that was originally a stage hit from Richard O’Brien, the cinematic version initially flopped. Then, interactive midnight screenings gave it a whole new life. The film now gets passed down from generation to generation, seen as a weird cult love letter to going all out for hedonism and pleasure.

More recently, “The Room” has gained this type of infamy. Tommy Wiseau may have thought he was crafting an Oscar worthy melodrama, but instead his terrible filmmaking impulses created a new comedy classic. Not only has this become beloved as the pinnacle of bad movies, it even sparked a biopic. “The Disaster Artist” managed to become an Academy Award nominee, adding a fun wrinkle to the story.

Time to chime in, folks! Which “bad” movies do you love the most? One of the aforementioned titles? Maybe something the likes of “Troll 2?” We’re all ears!

What are your favorite “bad” movies? Let us know in the comments below!