50th Power Hour Podcast Coming Soon – We’re taking your questions!


PowerHour_Logo_NewIt’s been really fun delivering (mostly) weekly podcasts to you all and we’ve hoped you enjoyed them. We’re almost at the half century mark and are planning a fun look into the lives of the writers for the big 5-0! As you know last year we did a Digging Into series with the writers interviewing each other but this year we are looking for you wonderful readers to help us out. So if you’ve ever wanted to ask a specific writer a question about movies, their life, why the earth is round, who they think will win the World Series, you now have the opportunity. You can submit your questions in the form after the jump. If you want to just submit a general question for the entire staff, just put “General” in the line asking for the writers name. The form will be open till the 10th so get your questions in before then. Look forward to seeing what you have to say!

PS: Though you can submit questions about anything, they will still be screened and any offensive questions will not be selected.