A 3 hour cut of Margaret is going to be coming to DVD in July!


I’ve always been fascinated by the original 3 hour cut of ‘Margaret’, even going back to when Clayton first told me about how much he hated it after seeing an early cut about 3 or 4 years ago. After seeing the trimmed version last year and falling in love with it, my curiosity was only piqued more. Now, it seems that I’ll finally be able to see something close to what Clay did (and he can presumably see the shorter version that I did…I wonder if he’ll like it any more?), as news came out today from The New Yorker here that an extended 3 hour cut of the film is headed to Blu-Ray and DVD in July. After the jump I’ll speculate a bit about what we might see more of (and then go ask the boss man what he remembers), but for now, members of Team Margaret like myself are positively jumping for joy right now (I would have included it in my DVD Column here at the site earlier yesterday but I wanted it to get its own post) and counting the days until we can own this new cut…

My best guess right now is that the characters played by Matt Damon and Mark Ruffalo will see the most increased screen time on the extended/director’s/whatever we’re calling it cut this summer, along with more of certain subplots that could have been given more time (I’m remaining vague for those who never got to see it). I wouldn’t expect any real changes to the tone or plot, but just more of what fans loved/more of what the haters hated. I’m clearly in the former camp, but even if you didn’t like it I’d hope you’d try this one out and see Lonergan’s full vision for the work. Either way, stay tuned for this release in a DVD column about 2 months from now!

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