VIRAL CIRCUIT: A Gymnast Moonwalks and POTUS Offers a Non-Starter

Viral Recaps

Here are your digital recaps for the weekend of January 20.

5. She Flies, She Jumps, She Moonwalks!

Katelyn Ohashi is a UCLA gymnastics athlete who received a perfect 10 on her floor routine at the 2019 Collegiate Challenge. This is her fourth perfect 10 routine of her gymnastics career. Ohashi flips and dances to a melody of Tina Turner, Earth, Wind, and Fire, Jackson 5, and of course, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

4. Is This the Best a Man Can Get?

Gillette, the razor company, brings awareness to toxic masculinity by exploring the gender norms that young boys are pressured to embody. It also uses examples from the MeToo movement, such as Terry Crews’ testimony to Congress about his assault, to convey that sexual harassment affects both men and women. Progressives have lauded the short film for raising awareness about the negative effects of masculinity while being criticized by conservatives by overgeneralizing that masculinity is inherently dangerous.

3. Maga Hat Students Vs. Vietnam Veteran Native American

Nathan Phillips, an elder with the Omaha tribe and a Vietnam veteran, was mocked by teenagers wearing red MAGA hats at the Indigenous People’s March in Lincoln Memorial. The incident started when the teens and four young African Americans, who were preaching the Bible nearby, started calling each other names. Phillips tried to diffuse the situation by going between the two groups by drumming and chanting a healing prayer.

2. Let’s Pet a Shark!

During a dive off the coast of Oahu, Ocean Ramsey, a marine biologist, enjoyed the rare opportunity of swimming and petting a majestic, Great White Shark. The Great White Shark swam toward Ramsey and her team, apparently lured by a sperm whale carcass close by, and allowed Ramsey to pet her once before she swam off to play with some dolphins. This giant sea queen may be Deep Blue, a shark who received viral fame in 2015 for rattling the cage of scientists who wanted to take another look at her.

1. The Proposal is a Non-Starter

In today’s news for the longest government shutdown in U.S. history, the POTUS provides a compromise by extending work authorizations for DREAMERS, undocumented immigrants who were brought in as children to the U.S., for three years. He also offered temporary protection status extended for some 300,000 others, but no pathway to citizenship. Nancy Pelosi, the House speaker, has called it a “non-starter,” saying that the DREAMERS and the border wall are “two separate subjects.” 

What do you think about these digital recaps? Are there any ones you like or don’t like? Any ones that I missed? Send us your comments!

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