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‘A Private War’ Starring Rosamund Pike to Open Mill Valley Film Festival

Rosamund Pike seems primed to take a step forward as an actress in the next few years. Her performance in “Gone Girl” remains one for the ages, and earned her an Oscar nomination, where she was likely 2nd or 3rd. Last year, she turned in a role defined by trauma in “Hostiles,” which never received the acclaim it deserved. Now, she’s looking to get back in the game with “A Private War” which again places trauma at its center. The film has just been announced to take center stage at the Mill Valley Film Festival as its opening night feature.

“A Private War” is the debut narrative feature for documentarian Matthew Heineman. The story follows Marie Colvin (Pike), who became one of the most important war correspondents in the war on terror. Colvin would brave battlefields, so much so she received an injury that cost her an eye to an RPG blast in 2001. She was married three times but divorced twice. Her other marriage ended when her husband commit suicide. Colvin was also plagued by PTSD after being attacked by multiple soldiers in war zones she covered. Colvin lived an exciting, but dangerous life, leaving a lot for Pike to dive into.

In “A Private War,” Heineman will look at Colvin’s relationships and her last doomed assignment. Colvin and journalist Paul Conroy (Jaime Dornan) went behind enemy lines during the Syrian Civil War. They wound up at the Siege of Homs, which lasted from 2011 to 2014 and remains one of the longest in the war.  Along with Rémi Ochlik (Jérémie Laheurte), the three were bombed and witnessed atrocities. The film will also tell of Colvin’s struggles in other wars, her PTSD, and her struggling relationships. The film also stars Stanley Tucci and Tom Hollander.

What do you think of “A Private War?” Can Rosamund Pike become someone to watch in the Oscar race? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

“A Private War” realeases in theaters on November 2nd, 2018. Aviron Pictures will distribute. 

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