A Tale Of Two Countries

America and China’s On-Going Struggle to Work-Out

After many talks about forming an American-China co-production for Iron Man 3, China is stubborn about their rules and regulations as to how American Production Companies must go about shooting in Beijing, China. As one of the most anticipated movies of 2013, even Marvel’s heroes don’t get any slack when it comes to co-productions. But, as ever was the American way, American producers tried to level with the Chinese producers, hoping to win them over with favorable acts on their side, but Chinese producers have no interest in the old-fashioned ways of thinking and shoot for younger age groups, learning from Hollywood’s example, though not saying it out loud.

A DMC, Marvel Studio’s Beijing-based co-producers for Iron Man 3, spokesman claimed that the film would be a co-production after the president of China Film Co-Production made a statement that gave the opposite sentiment. However complicated this mess is becoming, I, personally, hope DMC wises-up and brings on some more experienced negotiators who understand the rules of filmmaking in China so that production for Iron Man 3 won’t be delayed. Making a jump from 5 co-productions in 2012 to 13 in 2013, it’s almost as if China feels the need to prove themselves as possible contenders against the American entertainment industry.

It is naive to believe that kind words, positive sentiments, and constant reassurance is the way to win in Chinese politics. History has long proven only one method to be the best when it comes to winning China’s affections and approvals. The producers and filmmakers of China are getting smarter, thus, for Americans who don’t understand their opponent’s mentality, the process becomes much more brutal for them.


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Written by Tiff Chai

I enjoy watching, writing, and making action dramas, romantic comedies, and sci-fi/fantasies. I enjoy incorporating different ethnicities, cultures, and beliefs into my projects.

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