A Word About Spielberg’s DGA Snub


The exclusion of Steven Spielberg and War Horse from the DGA race is a big deal indeed. Big enough to impact the entire Oscar race.

It stands to change entire fabric of the current race right down to Best Picture. A nomination for Spielberg as Best Director could have easily become a win and at that moment War Horse becomes the favorite for Best Picture. No more.  While I admit I am shocked that Spielberg was ignored, especially by a guild that has made him the single most nominated and winning director in their history, let’s not forget they did not nominate him either A.I. – Artificial Intelligence (2001) or Minority Report (2002). War Horse was a different matter however, because he seemed to be a lock. An absolute lock.

I suppose on one hand it sends out the message that no one is a lock.

The nominees held a couple of major surprises, but more for who is not there than for who is. I fully expected Spielberg to be there, along with Allen, Payne and Scorsese, but admit that I did not see David Fincher in the running at all. Does this mean The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a potential Best Picture nominee? Maybe. Maybe not. Does it mean the DGA feel they owe Fincher for the debacle of last year when he lost for The Social Network (2010) to Tom Hooper for The King’s Speech (2010)??

Does Spielberg’s exclusion mean he’s out of the Oscar race??

Nope not at all. Do not forget Christopher Nolan was a DGA nominee for The Dark Knight (2008) as he should have been, but then was snubbed for the Oscar nod. Last year the Coen Brothers missed the DGA race, but then earned that Oscar nomination. I think Spielberg is still in, but War Horse is no longer the heavy favorite for Best Picture I thought it was. Even if War Horse dominates with the most nominations, it’s chances of Best Picture have slipped considerably.

And no Terence Malick?? Hmmmm, guess the directors know self indulgence when they see it.

And Hugo continues to rise.

And yes, I noticed The Artist is in the race. Still say it’s an average movie, nothing more.