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AwardsCircuit has been the premier entertainment and awards site since 2008. It is Owned and Operated by Clayton Davis, one of the leading analysts and critics in the United States. AwardsCircuit is made up of an eclectic and diverse group of writers, from half a dozen countries.

Mission Statement:

To connect, create, and communicate with the global passion of film and television while recognizing innovative and diverse expressions.

Core Values:

  • Community Acceptance
  • Diversity Advocation
  • Passionate Excellence
  • Positive Collaboration
  • Professional Integrity

Meet the Owner & Editor-in-Chief

Te5gBAC1 400x400Autism Awareness Advocate, Avid Writer, Adventurer, & Dedicated Family Man.

PERSONAL MISSION: to add unique perspectives to the ever-growing world of entertainment.

Clayton Davis is the Editor-in-Chief and Owner of AwardsCircuit. Born in the Bronx to a Puerto Rican mother and Black father, he’s been criticizing film and television for over 15 years. An advocate and supporter of diverse voices in the realm of film and television, Clayton is a member of several professional critics organizations including the Critics Choice Association, African-American Film Critics AssociationNew York Film Critics Online, International Press Academy, and Black Reel Awards. He’s also the founder of the Latino Entertainment Journalists Association, the first Latino-based critics’ organization in the United States.


  • J. Don Birnam
  • Joseph Braverman
  • Sam Coffey
  • Alan French
  • Toni Gonzales
  • Christopher James
  • Mark Johnson
  • Joey Magidson
  • Karen Peterson
  • Shane Slater
  • Jessica White


AwardsCircuit is always on the lookout for talented, enthusiastic, and just plain cool writers, along with individuals of other talents. NOTE: None of the open vacancies are full-time positions and are on a freelance basis or contractor.

All applicants must be over 21 years of age.

If interested in any of the positions, e-mail with resume, cover letter, and three writing samples (if applying for writing position). Place the job opening title you are applying for in the subject line with your name immediately following. Any variation of these instructions will result in the deletion of the e-mail.



  • Contributing Writer – 8 monthly post requirements
  • Associate Writer – 6 monthly post requirements


  • Contributing Writer & Recapper – 11 monthly post requirements
  • Associate Writer & Recapper – 12 monthly post requirements


  • Staff Writer – 10 monthly post requirements
  • Contributing Writer – 10 monthly post requirements
  • Associate Writer – 12 monthly post requirements


  • Site Proofreader – Monthly proofreading varies (TBD)
  • Data Administrator – Monthly tasks as assigned
  • IT Business Analyst – Monthly tasks as assigned


We are an entertainment website focusing on film, television, and games. We are looking for fun, outgoing, hardworking, and passionate lovers of the entertainment industry, who carry a lot of precision and zeal for the business.
Get bylines for your portfolio following graduation with one of the top entertainment websites in the country.
You will be responsible for the following:
  • Vetting and fact-checking information for stories.
  • Sourcing news stories
  • Copy editing and proofing.
  • Image cropping, scaling, and creation.
  • Write a monthly Op-Ed piece on the state of the entertainment business from the college student perspective.
  • Sit in on content meetings and provide ideas and feedback.
  • A possibility of a guest spot on one of our highly popular podcasts.


  • Applicant must have extensive knowledge of AP style guidelines.
  • Be available for a minimum of 10 hours per week. Flexible scheduling available.
  • Knowledge of Photoshop or any other type of image software is a plus.
  • Must have knowledge and an overt passion for film and television, and the entertainment industry.
  • Must be able to participate in video conference calls every week for up to 1 hour.

Send resume, cover letter, and three writing samples to





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when do u are gonna put the tracker of the festivals like you did the last year… where u put the name of the festival and the winner in each category?


*looks for Shane Slater* :(


*looks for Shane Slater* :(


*looks for Shane Slater* :(