Welcome to the Academy Idol 11 Final. It’s been a long journey, so let’s not waste too much time to get to our final. First up, we’re eliminating our last film from the tournament. The last three films in our race were “Call Me By Your Name,” “The Shape of Water” and “Lady Bird.” Each of the three films had won at least one week of the competition, but “Call Me By Your Name” had taken a strong lead. That continues to be the case, as it wins yet another week, and moves into the finals of the competition.

The race between “Lady Bird” and “Shape of Water” was extraordinarily close. Both films had won multiple weeks earlier in the season. With the two films doing battle, it was a very close race. The two fought over the 2nd place finish and flipped places on several occasions. However, one film still has to go home. By 2 votes our film heading home is “The Shape of Water.” The close race gives us a final matchup between “Call Me By Your Name” and “Lady Bird,” pitting Timothée Chalamet against himself.

Over the course of the season “Call Me By Your Name” has performed exceptionally well. It’s never finished lower than 4th in any individual week and won more weeks than any of our other films. “Lady Bird” won less individual weeks, but it also never finished worst than 4th. The two films have been dueling the entire season, making this the obvious final that we were going to get from early in the competition. The two have been the films that received the most support from critics and readers alike. Even on the staff top 10s, the films ranked 1st and 3rd (hat tip to reader Ryan for calculating this out). The two have often fought for the same indie respect, so let’s settle it. Cast your vote in the poll below!


What do you think? Who are you supporting in the final? Let us hear in the comments below! 

Voting for the Academy Idol 11 Final will conclude on March 1st. Our winner will be announced on March 2nd before the Oscars.