AcademyIdol_7_Logo_HorizontalFor all you dedicated readers of the Awards Circuit, along with our newest members of the community, our seventh season of our popular game Academy Idol begins this Sunday, November 10.  For those who don’t know, Academy Idol, loosely based on several talent competition shows, is where Oscar hopefuls (and even some not), compete against each other for the next few months, leading up to Oscar night and be crowned the winning film of the season.

Past winners have included Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds, David Fincher’s The Social Network, and most recently Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty.  Competing in different themed weeks including Cinematography, FYC Ads, and more, the films will live or die by YOUR votes.  This year, the competition is changing slightly.

I have chosen 40 films (20 Originals and 20 Adapteds).  In a separate and special edition of Power Hour, the staff will cut those in half.  Once the Top 10 Original and Top 10 Adapted films have been chosen, YOU will then vote for your favorite films of that group.  The Top 5 highest vote-getters will advance on to the Top 12 finalists.  There will then be a second round of voting for the “Wildcards.”  The staff will choose 10 films to return to compete one more time for YOUR votes.  The highest Original and highest Adapted film will complete the Top 12.

Listen for the Top 40 Announcement tomorrow and if you want to find out sooner, we will be LIVE-TWEETING the Top 40 before the airing of the episode.  Follow at @AwardsCircuit or go to our Facebook page.

You can look on our ACADEMY IDOL page to see how past seasons went down.  Gear up for another exciting season.

Which film are YOU rooting for?